tisdag 27 april 2010


Finished my game for the experimental gameplay project' s theme "Repeat" yesterday.
It´s about food, mainly. There's more dialogue and less gameplay in there but people seem to not have a problem with that, yet. Hopefully the "RepEat part" is clear!

It got featured on the Indie Games blog. Which is awesome!

Updated the game and fixed some bugs since the release on the Tigsource forums.

New Download URL:

www.esop.se/game/AutoCannibalism.rar (6,04 MB)

6 kommentarer:

  1. cool man =) i liked it, keep up the good work

  2. Interesting little game I enjoyed it. I like the visual style and the overall creepy mood I got from playing and of course the ending was great. I didn't like how it forced me into full screen mode and after the game was over it didn't close down properly and crashed windows explorer. Reading the father's message got old after the second time, maybe just simplify the message to a one liner for subsequent attempts. Also you should have a link to the download instead of just showing the url.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the game Slackluster!

    Yeah, the fullscreen option I chose to have for the game was a mistake. Didn´t think people would have trouble with it since I didn´t have any trouble with it myself on my computer.

    The father´s dialogue may be a bit repetitive, yes. It´s a very short little game though so I don´t think it´s really a problem.

    Fixed the link issue now! Thanks

  4. ahahah! great fun.

  5. Amusing, nice game idea and well executed.

  6. Im still in shock... I stared at the empty screen for a minute after it finished. Beautiful in a weird way. It was amazing.