lördag 25 september 2010


The Experimental Gameplay Project's September theme was 'Neverending' and you had seven days to make something for it if you wanted to. I made this game called Glaucoma (an eye disease) in less than two days but it ended up quite well anyway, in my opinion.

Here are the guidelines I tried to follow:

•1. Look interesting even when not being played. Attract players!

•2. Be instantly playable, understandable, intuitive. Assume your game will be left in any possible state, and must always be ready for one player to leave, and another player to pick up some time later.

•3. Avoid a title screen, or any menu system at all.

•4. Use sound, but don’t rely on it for gameplay.

Download: Glaucoma (2.9 MB)

All scores over 20 are sent here:

5 kommentarer:

  1. Nice, good work on the attract mode and aesthetics.

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