måndag 19 juli 2010

Nation Of Reincars

Use Z to read text in game

This is a game based on a quote from The Koran. I´m atheist but simply wanted to try to make a game about religion in some way. The result is a game in which you have to reincarnate in the perfect order to finally meet God.

There is a high-res version and a low-res one since the high-res one may work too slow on slower computers. The low-res one may also be a bit slow but I´m working on making it faster.

Turtle - Swim
Rabbit - Jump high
Worm - Dig (press down when on ground and then left and right to angle and up to dig)
Bird - Fly
Monkey - Climb (press up or down when close to a wall to climb on it)

Press M to toggle on and off seeing the whole map. It´s good for planning the right "reincarnation-order".

Music: At The Heart Of It All by Aphex Twin

Updated the game with some bugfixing

http://www.esop.se/game/NationOfReincars.rar (7.9MB)

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  1. I got linked to your blog from indiegames.com/blog/, and I must say I really like your style. I'm looking forward for more games! :-)

  2. Thank you! Glad you like it! :D

  3. ****SEMI-SPOILER****

    I've played and enjoyed both of your games. In Nation of Reincars, do the questions about life get sent to you through use of the netread.dll? What do you do with all the questions? Is there anyway for you actually reply to those people, (i.e. through some kind of data collection) or are you just going to publish the questions one day?

  4. Yes, all the questions are sent to a server. I´m not going to reply to those questions (it´s up to god?) but I will post them here on this blog within a few days.

  5. The game was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. It's also been reviewed at JIG (JayisGames) as well. http://jayisgames.com/archives/2010/07/weekend_download_145.php#comment-371094

    I must say, this is one of the better indie efforts I've played. I hope you will think of adding some more levels, I mean, the experience was just perfect and my only complaint is that it wasn't longer. For instance, if you could add more levels, you could lose a form and gain a new shape each time so that the solution wasn't too obvious from the get-go.

  6. Really glad you liked it ButtercupSaiyan!

    To make a sequel or to make more levels is not anything I will do in the near future since I´m working on a new game now. But if there is time over I may start working on more levels.

  7. Nation of Reincars was brilliant. And Medi Climp was pretty fun too. I will look for more of your games in the future.

  8. Hi. I liked the game, and your style, Autocannibalism too. I think I couldn't find the proper solution for this one. However, I could finish the game using only the monkey and the bird. I don't think that was your intention, so I may found a bug.
    I made my way through the first part as the monkey, and after the cave I switched to bird. Then before the last lake somehow I managed to fly under the spikes without being killed. I flew in with great speed, flapped my wings in the middle, and got through. From there it wasn't too hard to fly to your god. Is that normal?

  9. @Peter

    Glad you enjoy my games!

    Very weird, shouldn't be possible. Record a playthrough like that next time!