måndag 26 juli 2010

Upcoming Game And Donate-Button

I´ve started working on a new game which will be a 2-player only. It will probably also be a bit creepy, or at least weird. Will post a screenshot and tell you more about it when I´ve worked more on it.

Also, I´ve added a donate-button for those kind peoples who may want to support my game making with a buck or two.

fredag 23 juli 2010

Questions To God

There was no real point with the ask-god-a-question-part in Nation Of Reincars more than that it´s quite fun to read all the questions which was sent to me.

Here´s the 100 first questions (there are some gaps between the numbers since I had to remove some spam, that´s why it goes up to 113):

(new, better link)

måndag 19 juli 2010

Nation Of Reincars

Use Z to read text in game

This is a game based on a quote from The Koran. I´m atheist but simply wanted to try to make a game about religion in some way. The result is a game in which you have to reincarnate in the perfect order to finally meet God.

There is a high-res version and a low-res one since the high-res one may work too slow on slower computers. The low-res one may also be a bit slow but I´m working on making it faster.

Turtle - Swim
Rabbit - Jump high
Worm - Dig (press down when on ground and then left and right to angle and up to dig)
Bird - Fly
Monkey - Climb (press up or down when close to a wall to climb on it)

Press M to toggle on and off seeing the whole map. It´s good for planning the right "reincarnation-order".

Music: At The Heart Of It All by Aphex Twin

Updated the game with some bugfixing

http://www.esop.se/game/NationOfReincars.rar (7.9MB)