fredag 22 oktober 2010

The Interview and Future Plans

Here's the interview I told you about in the post yesterday: Interview

I´ve also got plans for the future. I'm soon going to start working on a crazy adventure game filled with interesting characters and some moral decision making. And also, I'm going to start try to make some money by creating simple, addicting and fun Iphone/Android applications, but still not going too casual :P.

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Exhibition and Inteview

As I mentioned when I released Glaucoma, I made it for The Experimental Gameplay compo's theme 'Neverending'. The truth been told, Glaucoma wasn't very neverending, but more an traditional arcade game. When Baby Castles announced the winners of the prize of being part of their exhibition, I wasn't very surprised that Glaucoma didn't win anything. What was a bit more surprising, and fun (!), was that they had an extra bonus game shown at the exhibition. And the extra game was selected from all the entries from all previous themes (probably a total of 250-400 entries), and the chosen game was my AutoCannibalism. Awesome! Hopefully they will take some pics from the exhibition in Manhattan!

A french gaming site called The Oujevipo made an interview with me today. Will post the interview when it gets published!

måndag 11 oktober 2010

Siamese Enemies

So at last I finished Siamese Enemeies. The game has been pretty much finished for a couple of weeks now but there was some annoying bugs that had to be fixed.

2-Player ONLY!

Your mother just want one baby.
You and your siamese brother must
therefore go to the hospital and
separate your bodies. On your way
to the hospital you will find
yellow shaking boxes in which there
are organs you can collect.

Depending on who collects the organ,
the organ will be on your side during
the operation. Your siamese brother
can steal your organ during the operation
but it's an advantage to collect the
organs since they appear on your side
of the screen (takes time for your
opponent to grab them).

The organs you insert will give you
different powers when racing back home
to your mother.

First home wins!

Press 'R' to restart level if you get stuck


Game and music by Krimelo
Also, thanks to game testers and to cactus!

lördag 2 oktober 2010


I made Glaucoma a bit more fun to play today. The download url is the same:
New Highscores

The old Glaucoma is now on the url:
Old Highscores

Also, Siamese Enemies is about 99.9% finished.